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VitaJuwel Gem Water


If you research ways to increase the vibration of water you will soon discover Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book, New York Times Bestseller “The Hidden Messages in Water”. Crystal images by Dr. Emoto’s laboratory verified that water treated with VitaJuwel Gem Vials regains its original crystalline structure. German scientists have proven that water becomes more alkaline and oxygenated with VitaJuwel Gem Vials.

VitaJuwel Water Bottles - Via

Your VitaJuwel ViA is your companion for gem water on-the-go. Check out the unique crystal blends and find the one that suits your lifestyle.  Love more than one? the bottom portion unscrews and allows you to attach different gem pods. That way you're able to always have your favorite gemstone blend with you. Cleaning the bottle is as easy as 1-2-3: Simply twist off both the lid and the gem pod and rise with water. VitaJuwel ViA consists of lead-free glass and holds a genrous 500ml.